Changing the skyline

"Changing the skyline ".

 Some parts of the collection we made with the help of a 3D printer. Those chosen details were a fragment  of Ukrainian embroidery. This tiny piece has been an "oberig",”Guardien symbol” of our dresses since 2008. So it was logical to use it for our new beginning .We also wanted to be original in using a new technologies and to see the traditional methods from the other angle. In my creation I like to observe their mobility as in Calder Sculptures. I'm more interested in their influence on the environment .Same as a sculpture in the park or a new sky grabber changes our view.

Every choice is an opportunity to move to a new level and to invite into our lives the change we dream of. 3D technologies are life lasting and time tested. So we don't have to worry that our favorite dress may disappear one day. I've always been interested in the special effect of form, the effect it creates and how the form affects our behavior, environment and even our destiny . I again experienced a magical and mythical moment - when sculptural special images are born from the plane of a woven canvas. 

Collection was created especially for the Ukrainian pavilion during the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Each garment was diligently chosen to display the theme of the expo sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.
 The photo shoot was made near the ” Opportunity gates “ and it was quite symbolic, as I think cooperation with dressex.com is a really great opportunity for the designer's future.

Working in the field of virtual reality does not have a limit. While creating - you are free from the boundaries, any borders and obstacles. Also my first in life Fashion show was  at the EXPO 98 in Lisbon Portugal.

That time theme was: "Life for the future generation, beyond the time and oceans”